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Group photo whilst doing the challenge

9th December 2023

Alistair, Director of WAM Engineering Services, leads the 24-Hour Pen-Y-Fan challenge for Samaritans charity.

In a remarkable display of determination and goodwill, Alistair, the Director of WAM Engineering Services, orchestrated and participated in the gruelling 24-hour Pen-Y-Fan Challenge to support the Samaritans Charity. The event, held in challenging weather conditions, saw participants enduring wet and miserable conditions, with winds reaching up to 60mph.

Alistair and his team opted for the unconventional Cwm Gwiddi route, deviating from the regular path, and adding an extra layer of difficulty to the already demanding challenge. Over the 24 hours, they managed an impressive total of 8 climbs, showcasing their resilience and commitment to the cause.

The Pen-Y-Fan Challenge, renowned for its difficulty under normal circumstances, became even more arduous due to the adverse weather conditions. Participants faced slippery paths, biting winds, and persistent rain throughout the event. However, their spirits remained high as they tackled the challenging Cwm Gwiddi route, navigating the unpredictable terrain with determination.

Alistair, the driving force behind the initiative, expressed gratitude for the support received from the participants and the generous donors who contributed to the cause. The primary objective of the challenge was to raise funds for the Samaritans Charity, an organisation dedicated to providing emotional support and a listening ear to those in need.

The team's efforts were not in vain, as they successfully raised an impressive £5,610 during the 24-hour Pen-Y-Fan Challenge. The funds generated will contribute to the Samaritans Charity's ongoing mission to provide mental health support and alleviate emotional distress.

Alistair conveyed his appreciation for everyone involved, stating, "This challenge was about more than conquering a mountain; it was about coming together as a community to support those facing mental health challenges. I am humbled by the generosity of our donors and the unwavering spirit of our participants."

The 24-hour Pen-Y-Fan Challenge organised by Alistair and executed by the team from WAM Engineering Services stands as a testament to the power of community, resilience, and compassion in the face of adversity. The funds raised will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on the important work carried out by the Samaritans Charity.

Alistair Green with Talycopa FC who he sponsored

30th October 2023

WAM Engineering Services sponsors Talycopa FC under 13’s for the season and also sponsored their new pitch.

In the heart of Swansea, a local lad is making waves both in business and on the football field. Meet Alistair, the catering engineer behind WAM Engineering Services, who, in just over a year, went from startup success to proud sponsor of Talycofa FC, his son's football team.

The Talycofa FC boys, rocking their snazzy WAM Engineering kits, are tearing up the local league. Alistair can't help but beam with pride as he watches his son and his mates score goals and climb the league ladder.

For Alistair, seeing his company's name on those jerseys is like a victory lap. It's a reminder of how far he's come since starting WAM Engineering. What started as a business venture has turned into a community win, with Alistair giving back and supporting local talent.

The ripple effect is real in Talycofa. Other businesses are taking note, realising that success isn't just about the bottom line but also about making a positive impact on the community. Alistair's story is a living example of how small businesses can be a driving force for good.

So, as the Talycofa FC boys continue to dazzle on the pitch, WAM Engineering stands tall as a symbol of local businesses kicking goals for their community. Alistair's journey is proof that success isn't just about business - it's about being a vital part of the town you call home.

Alistair Green the Director of WAM Engineering

7th September 2023

Swansea Ex-Royal Navy Engineer celebrates his first year in business after returning to his home city.